‚ÄčAlex Tyson Horsemanship

Blending Natural horsemanship methods with Classical Riding Techniques

Lesson Program

$35 50-60 minute lesson

$20 Kids class ages 7-9

Contact for Girl Scout, 4H, and Clinic programs and Rates

Alex believes that every rider needs to have the proper fundamentals before going onto to higher levels, basically if you start out slow you end up getting there faster. We cater all ages, and levels of experience, as well as English and Western riders on horses of any breed.


If you are new to riding or are not sure where you fit in, take time to look at out riding level descriptions

Riding 101: Completely new to horses, learn how to safely lead the horse, groom, and pick out feet. Also learn how to make the horse pivot from the ground and back up. This is usually the first lesson given to newbies with an emphasis on safety and getting comfortable with horses.

Riding 102: Now it's time to start riding! Lesson covers how to tack up your horse, adjust your stirrups and mount properly. Proper upper body, hand, and leg position covered, as well as how to walk the horse, steer, stop, and back up. Intro to trot is covered if the student is ready/ time allows.

Walk - Trot: Students work on improving their control and balance at the sitting trot and eventually the posting trot. When ready students will work without stirrups at a walk and trot. 2-point position is also learned. Circles, Changes across the diagonal, and correct diagonals are covered. Begin steering with the legs.

Walk-Trot-Canter: Canter is introduced, once confident at a canter, circles, correct leads, simple changes, and working without stirrups at a W-T-C- is covered. Students are not allowed to move up a level without the no stirrup work at W-T-C. 2-point at a canter, navigating ground poles. More steering with legs

* After the WTC class students now would be considered "novice" riders, meaning that they have the necessary prep work to begin intermediate level riding in any discipline they desire.

Intermediate Riding:

Students typically start thinking about what type of riding they would like to start specializing in, as well as potentially going to horse shows.

Our School Horses can accommodate:

Working Equitation through Novice A

Dressage through Training level

2' jumping

Competitive Trail

Beginner barrel racing

Advanced Riding:

Working Equitation

1D barrel racing coaching

Show Jumping Thru 2'6

Competitive Trail

Dressage Thru 1st level

*Available on your horse or one of our horses made by lease agreement

New To Riding? Start Here

You'll need:

- Hard soled boots with a heel

- Long Pants

- Helmet (we can provide)

-GREAT attitude!

Why Us?

Our training program is all inclusive, we cover everything, and we don't take any short-cuts.

With 20 years of horse experience, C.H.A. Certification, and many wins both in and out of the show ring you can be sure you are going to improve if you train with us.